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Saturday, 17 November, 2018

False dowry complaint legal extortion (Ph: 9873540498) NRI Quash 498a usa uk

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False dowry complaint legal extortion (Ph: 9873540498) NRI Quash 498a usa uk

A woman is not allowed under the law to file a false case deliberately and she can not write such mileadingfacts despite knowing the falsity of the facts and even suppression of material facts is not allowed under the law. Under the law, the one who asks for equity has to necesarily do or perform the equity as per the law maxim of equity. It is vehemently objected by the respondent/ husband that complainant was forced to ask for money from her parents for educational expenses because it was the respondent no.1 / husband who himself encouraged the complainant to go for higher studies and also paid for her GRE & TOEFL exams which are a mandatory requirement to undergo masters degree in the USA (Evidence 6- provided, credit card statements with these GRE/TOEFL examination charges.), The complainant may kindly be put to strict proof of the same before pouring any reliefs interim or final on her as that would amount to an abuse of law and this Hon�ble Court is duty bound to provide justice.

If any help needed then please contact:-

man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur (at) yahoo(dot) com

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It is vehemently objected that the complainant was confined into house and was kept captive for months together. This allegation is vehemently & eloquently objected because on one hand it is difficult for a person to live if kept in such a shocking state. And on the second hand, this is a false allegation known very well to the complainant herself because she has alleged that during this confinement & captivity she was not allowed to communicate with any of her relatives, parents or neighbourhood which is a white lie used to mislead this Hon�ble Court as the respondent no.1 is roviding evidence of few call history that complainant have called her family members and her relatives. One can notice the duration of calls and the time at which calls were placed to her relatives. As, Most of these calls were made in the business hours at which respondent no.1 was at his work place. xxxxxxxxxx is complainant�s mother cell phone number. xxxxxxxxxx is complainant�s father cell number. America number xxxxxxxxxx is complainant�s brother Raju Malalru�s cell number. She also called to her relative in a country called Bahrain to a number +97xdxdxdxs. This proves that she had access to all kinds of communications and the allegation mentioned is false.

(Evidence 7- history of calls made by complainant to her family members proving that there was no restrictions on her.) That this Hon�ble Court is requested to initiate strict action against the complaint for abusing the process of the court.

Further, confinement & captivity means locking in the house but in USA no one can be kept captive or confined also due to fire security reasons & due to this respondent no.1 who is a American resident are not allowed to lock the doors & america is high on security & being an educated lady with past work experience she knew how to exercise her rights or to complaint to police or other authorities which she never did but talked to her relatives as above for long durations.

And further there is no previous police complaint in any police station in USA on INDIA by her or her relatives or any other kind of complaint anywhere by her relatives which proves that she was not confined or captivated and this allegation has been put just to cover up her afterthoughts & concocted stories & these evidences are enough to prove that she has made this concocted story just to get mercy from the court whereas the documents annexures related to this para prove that she has played fraud on court hence complainant�s act is highly condemnable by this Hon�ble Court & this court is requested to take cognizance u/s 340 CrPC as against the complainant.

It is vehemently objected that the complainant was put under CCTV surveillance because lease agreement in USA doesn�t allow drilling holes in not allowed inside or outside the apartment where we used to live in America and CCTV surveillance is NOT possible

(Evidence 8- Rental apartment lease agreement.) hence her complaint under domestic violence act is liable to dismissed in the eyes of law.

Best Wishes & Happy Fighting false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA on you & family!!!.

If any help needed then please contact:-

man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com

moblie :- +91-9873540498 email:- » web:- »

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