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Monday, 18 February, 2019

Robotic Process Automation Training In Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Ameerpet, Hyderabad
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609 days ago
Price INR15000

➢ What is Robotic Process Automation ➢ Natural language processing and RPA ➢ How Robotic Process Automation works! ➢ Why to automate repetitive tasks/process ➢ RPA Solution Architecture Patterns � Key Considerations ➢ Input Data Handling Solution Pattern ➢ Exception Handling ➢ Transaction Logging ➢ Credential Management ➢ Secure Execution ➢ Monitoring and Reporting ➢ List of Robotic Process Automation Tools ➢ Robotic Process Automation Tool selection Checklist

UI PATH TOOL: ➢ Flowchart ➢ Sequence ➢ Modular ➢ Variables ➢ Data Manipulation ➢ Recording ➢ Documentation ➢ Tool Activities ➢ Advanced UI Interaction ➢ About UI Elements ➢ UI Activities Properties ➢ Input Methods ➢ Example of Using Input Methods ➢ Output or Screen Scraping Methods ➢ Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods ➢ About Web Scraping ➢ Example of Using Web Scraping ➢ About Data Scraping ➢ Example of Using Data Scraping ➢ Selectors ➢ Image and Text Automation ➢ Mouse and Keyboard Activities ➢ Text Activities ➢ OCR Activities ➢ Image Activities ➢ Mouse and Keyboard Automation ➢ Text Automation ➢ OCR and Image Automation BLUE PRISM: ➢ Introduction ➢ Process Studio ➢ Process Flow ➢ Inputs and Outputs ➢ Business Objects ➢ Object Studio ➢ Overview of Error and Case Management ➢ Error Management ➢ Case Management ➢ Additional Features ➢ Advanced Features ➢ Application Types AUTOMATION ANYWHERE: ➢ Introduction to Automation Anywhere ➢ Understanding the Features and Benefits ➢ Verifying Automation Anywhere System Requirements ➢ Creating a Task Using the Task Editor ➢ Anywhere Monitor ➢ Preparing and Installing the Automation Anywhere Client ➢ Privacy and Security ➢ Getting Started with the Automation Anywhere Client ➢ Types of Variables ➢ Recording an Automation Task ➢ Recording, Editing and Running Tasks ➢ Adding Properties to a Task ➢ Using Special Keys ➢ Creating an Automation Task ➢ Recording Web Actions with Web Recorder ➢ Extracting Data from Websites ➢ Extracting Regular Web Data ➢ Extracting Pattern-Based Data ➢ Extracting Table Data ➢ Standard Recorder ➢ Object Recorder ➢ Task List&Setting Task Properties ➢ Viewing and Setting General Properties ➢ Setting up Hotkeys for a Task ➢ Setting Security Features for a Task ➢ Scheduling Tasks to Run ➢ Adding Triggers to a Task ➢ Deploying Tasks to Run Remotely ➢ Debugging Tasks ➢ Using Filters in the Task Editor ➢ Different Commands

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