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Skin specialist in kothrud Professional

18 August 2022 15:26   Services   Pune   30 views


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Location: Pune
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ETERNIS Clinic is an advanced Dermatology Aesthetic center, co-founded by Dr. Pinanky and Dr. Vijay Adhe, who are deeply passionate about dermatology and dream of providing the highest quality skin and hair care to everyone who desires a healthy and radiant skin.

Our philosophy is to utilize the latest scientifically proven techniques and technologies to achieve natural, believable, age-appropriate results in a caring and compassionate environment.

1.Acne scars

Acne scars could be a huge confidence killer when you’re trying to put your best face forward. However, with so many therapeutic alternatives available, you don’t have to accept the tradeoff. Dr. Vijay and Dr Pinanky, the founders of Eternis Clinic have keen interest in scar management and can tailor treatments to your unique requirements, resulting in smoother, more radiating skin.

2.Why Choose Eternis Clinic for scar Treatment?

The dermatologists and skincare specialists at Eternis Clinic are experts in acne scar therapy.

Many of our patients seek us in their dire need of help.

Most at-home acne scar remedies just do not help, and cosmetics cannot conceal deep and pitted acne scars.

Many people’s lives have been transformed by Eternis Clinic’s acne scar treatment procedures. There is no need for you to live your life with acne scars on your face that simply serve to diminish your true beauty and charm.

3. Hair Loss

Did you know that an average scalp contains about 100,000 hairs?

Losing approximately 100 hair per day is considered normal but it is replaced by new hair growth.

Baldness or hair thinning happens when the lost hair fails to grow back.

The fact lies that both men and women tend to lose the amount and thickness of hair as they grow older.

Baldness is related to heredity, aging, and action of male hormones (Testosterone) on hair roots.

Baldness is more common and severe in men than women simply due to higher levels of testosterone.

Hair loss generally develops slowly over the years or could be sudden in onset in few.

Hair loss can be triggered by a range of factors, including heredity, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or other medical conditions. Depending on the causes, hair loss might be temporary or permanent. It is important to consult an expert to ensure that an accurate diagnosis is made and the appropriate course of action is undertaken. The best part is that most hair loss conditions are treatable and could be controlled or reversed. You can reach Eternis Clinic at any moment to schedule an appointment with a hair loss specialist.

4.Scar Treatment

Scars occur as a natural part of the body’s wound healing process. Any trauma to the skin that hurts the deeper skin layer(dermis), will form a scar. During wound healing, if more than required new tissue is formed then it leads to an elevated or raised scar.

These scars occur mostly in the wounds which are under tension and are seen as thick dark overgrowth of skin.

The earlier it is treated, the better its chances of healing. Unless treated they will not heal on their own.

After examining scars, our dermatologists will chart out the treatment plan for your scars.

5skin pigmentation

Do you have brown or red spots on your skin, as well as a discolored complexion? If that's the case, you most likely have pigmentation, a common skin condition caused by sun damage, aging, and even perhaps hereditary factors. It's important to get professional assistance to reduce pigmentation, as over-the-counter drugs don't always work. At Eternis Clinic, we offer a variety of treatment alternatives targeted at minimizing the appearance of your skin pigmentation. Contact us to learn more about our procedures today.

Unless treated, they will not heal on their own but can increase in size and become painful.


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